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Magic beauty salon & Spa


We offer a plethora of beauty, body, hair and wellness services to feel you relaxed, revitalize, rejuvenate, detoxify your body from head to toe all in a glamorous and contemporary way thereby expressing your natural beauty by using top quality products and services. We are a full services salon and spa offering you a warm, professional, ecofriendly, clean and peaceful environment. We offer wide range of services and products as per your needs. Here you will find all hair care, skin care and body care needs at one place. We use high quality sterilization. We offer four rooms for special treatment. We have special areas for ladies and gents. Our mission is to exceed your expectations  each time you visit. Our main focus is YOU. Our high technology spa services promotes good health and a sense of well being synonymous known for its creativity and progressive hair design and esthetics. We always carry high quality hair care; skin care and body care products and services to fit into your schedule and your budget. Our expert staff will guide you to get the products and services that’s right for you.


Our experience is our difference.


Hair Cut And Color

Always good haircut is a good foundation for your good hairstyle. Good haircut always makes you confident and makes your day a special day everyday.
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Manicure & Pedicure

We at Magic beauty salon & spa always make sure your trip to our spa is pleasant and safe. All tools used in manicure and pedicure are individually packed and heat sterilized.
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We use latest technology to address many concerns like dull mature skin, large skin pores, hyper pigmentation, fine lines, congested skin texture, acne scars etc.
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Makeup & Hair Do’s

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. We provide the ultimate makeup and glamour to the discerning customers. Whether your wedding day,baby shower, your graduation or your special day to shine. We are also available to travel for bridal client.
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Body Treatment

This supple and velvety highly nourishing treatment wraps the body in splendid softness, ensuring ultimate long-lasting hydration from shoulder to toe.
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Eyelashes Extensions

A full set of mink eyelashes extensions is individual lashes being attached to as many of your natural eyelashes possible giving your eyes a more dramatic look.
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